Colour analysis

Discover which colours suit you best; which colours make you shine!

Central in a colour analysis is your own personal nature. We are all well aware that we are individuals, no two the same.  While one person might look stunning in cobalt blue another might look pale and worn in it. When wearing colours in harmony with your palette, you become more beautiful and alive.

During a colour analysis we will search for your personal colour palette; then you can experience the difference the right colours can make. Instantly you will notice an improvement in your personal appearance and interaction when wearing the colours selected from your personal palette combination.

For ladies personal make-up advice is also part of the package. Studio Colour & Co uses Couleur Caramel professional and natural make-up. These high-quality products come in a range of exceptional colours, are biologically certified (EcoCert & CosmeBio) and are not tested on animals.

You will receive a handy colour sample fan to take away to help you make better colour choices when purchasing clothes, accessories and make-up.

A personal colour analysis offers you lifelong benefit and enjoyment!