Studio Colour & Co offers a range of services in the field of colour and styling advice. Whether you choose for just a colour analysis or a complete package, with wardrobe planning and 2 hours of shopping; Corine will always ensure you have a unique and imaginative experience. The starting point always being the client’s unique personality; a respectful approach goes without saying.

Being creative and making people feel good about their appearance were the main motives for me to get into hairdressing at the time. During the 10 years I was active as a hair stylist and manager of a hair salon for women and men, it always felt special to notice the impact a well-executed haircut could have. Being able to connect posture, the shape of a face, hair structure and coupe and hair colour to the best advantage. This does not always have to mean a complete makeover, even small adjustments can be of great effect!

This background as a hair stylist is a valuable supplement for the trade of image consultant. I have a passion for colours and am fascinated about the effect colours can have on people. Find out for yourself, meet your personal colour palette and experience what personal styling advice can do for you!

Corine is an associated member of the trade organisation for image consultants; Colours for You.