Wardrobe scan

After colour and styling advice you can have your wardrobe checked. Together we will look through your wardrobe, checking colour, style and your clothes range suitable for different occasions. We will check which items suit you and your image. Together we will scan your wardrobe’s composition: which items can be used and which combinations are possible.

Wardrobe planning

Apart from the wardrobe scan it is also possible to improve the planning and organisation of your wardrobe. During the wardrobe planning we go through the items and assess what is needed to make it complete.  Which items are missing, what colours could be added to complement it? And for instance: what does your perfect outfit look like? Maybe you would like to have your wardrobe sorted on item, colour or occasion. Or do you wish for a big sort out; anything is possible. An organised wardrobe makes it easier to select the correct combinations.

For this service only the extra hours are charged.